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Welcome To The Shalimar Works (1980) Limited                             

The Company established about a century ago by Turner Morrison Group of Companies, U.K. for the purpose of construction and repair of Ships. In 1981 The State Government acquired the assets of The Company. The Shalimar Works (1980) Limited is a leading Indian State Public Sector Shipyard and Engineering Industry is engaged in design and construction of sea going coastal, Harbor, Inland Craft and Vessels. Company is a dominant Shipbuilding and Ship Repair center of the region.

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  NS Poshak is a self-propelled fuel carrier barge built by M/s Shalimar Works (1980) Ltd, Kolkata for the Indian Navy. It is an auxiliary ship capable to carry 500 tonnes of fuel. It has seagoing capabilities and have

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  The Yard can repair Ships of various sizes.Company undertake repair of Large and Sophisticated Vessels like Subarnorekha.Various clients like COAST GUARD, A&N Administration, IWT, PPT,

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Current Activity & Future Plan
  In early 2012 it had orders for 15 auxiliary and service ships worth 250 crores from Indian Navy and were planned be serviced by 2018. The orders included two 500 ton barges, three 50 Men ferries and three

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Customer Services
  The Shalimar Works (1980) Limited growth strategy focus on capitalizing its capabilities, competencies Knowledge, qualifications and  Experiences. The company by utilizing its vast experiences and lightly  

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Our Clients :-
INS Poshak is a self-propelled fuel carrier barge built by M/s Shalimar Works (1980) Ltd, Kolkata for the Indian Navy.

Shalimar-class ferry is a series of three service watercraft being built by Shalimar Works (1980) Ltd, Kolkata for the Indian Navy. The catamarans can carry up to 50 personnel. Each unit in this class is of two-hull catamaran-type and are made of steel.
  Premier location in Metro city, with good communication links by  Rail, Road, Air, Waterways and river front.

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  Large Engineering Workshop having a good Machine shop & Fabrication shop with all necessary equipment

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Media Centre
Calcutta, June 18, 2012 [The Telegraph]: Shalimar Works (1980) Ltd, a small ship-building and repairing yard, is looking for a loan of about Rs 10 crore from the state government. The financial aid will help the ailing unit under the Bengal government to upgrade its infrastructure to expand its order book and ensure timely delivery of vessels.