Quality Policy


The company constructs Vessels to the stringent requirements of national and inter-national classified services like IRS, MMD, LLOYDS, BURAU VERITAS-FRANCE, BIS AND The Company has built up a reputation for a High Degree of professionalism, technical excellence, and High standard of Workmanship.

Separate checks are made by the company’s own quality control cell at each steps of construction and manufacture i.e. fabrication, machining fitting, piping work sub-assembly, assembly and so on. For all incoming materials also strict quality controls are made. The quality control and assurance are done to the highest level.

Since the quality of welding is one of the critical determents in ship building and Engineering jobs, special care under quality manager is take by the company to ensure the welding conforms to the best shipbuilding standards. Welding arc being done by certified (as per IRS) welders.

Facilities for Radiography are available.

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