Vision & Mission




To deliver at least 3 to 4 vessels to Navy, establish credibility and achieve a SVP of Rs. 50 Cr. by taking on rent additional site near theĀ  shipbuilding unit.Renovation of Shipyard for smooth material movement and storing.
To deploy external agencies / audit firms to evaluate stocks, debtors, creditors and fixed assets.The old & non-moving stocks as well as obsolete equipment to be liquidated for better inventory management.
To accept such project and engineering jobs that can be technically and physically monitored by SWL.
To become a Navy nominated supplier for construction of deck machineries and equipment to utilize the General Engineering capacity.

To strengthen the organizational set-up primarily at management level for gearing up to handle larger volumes and catering to varied customer base.


To modernize the Shipyard with necessary re-layout & infrastructure on settlement of land lease as well as organizational & financial restructuring, to be on the growth path.
To pave the path of business growth and tourism development for the State, especially with policy to promote use of coastline and inland water facilities for trade, transport and especially tourism by way of Shipbuilding & ship-repair.

To reach another threshold with help of the State in generating revenue by using elegant tourist vessels running up-stream to Varanasi and down-stream to Sundarban, high-speed passenger ferries and fuel efficient cargo barges plying from Sagardeep to Farakka.

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