The Shalimar Works (1980) Limited , Incorporated in 12.01.1981 as fully owned West Bengal state unit by purchasing the assets of erstwhile company. Originally established by Turner Morrison, UK in 1885, primarily as a Ship Repairing Unit for incoming foreign ships.
Medium size, Private Limited State Govt. Company. Authorized Share Capital : Rs. 200.00 lakh.
The Shalimar Works (1980) Limited, is engaged in design and construction of sea going coastal, Harbor, Inland Craft and Vessels. Company is a dominant ship building and ship repair center of the region. The product ranges are inland cargo barges, deep sea trawlers, and dredge’s, Tugs, Cargo Ships, Tankers in the Ship building and repair division. Company also engaged with various prestigious Turnkey Engineering Projects and Specialized Engineering Manufacturing items. These includes Fuel Oil Retail Outlet of IOCL, Refilling unit of IOCL, Electrical Power Transmission Tower Line, Civil construction of Buildings, Roads, Foot over Bridges and structural fabrication on the Project site and manufacturing of Motor Body, HOT/EOT Gautry cranes, AVC Furnace, high Speed Diesel Tanks, Machinery of Railway Axels, etc.
Company Promises Quality services, outstanding workmanship, timely delivery, reliable personal and excellent co-ordination.

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