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A new boost to Shalimar Shipyard

The Hon’bleMinister-in-Charge, Transport Shr iFirhad Hakim visited Shalimar Shipyard on 14th June,2021. He met the senior officials of the organization to assess the current situation and ways to improve the functioning of this organization. 
Shalimar Shipyard was taken over by Government of West Bengal in 1980. However, the original Shipyard was established by Turner Morrison in 1885.Since British period, the Shalimar Shipyard had major ship repair units of East coast well before even Garden Reach. 
The Shalimar Works produced 600 Vessels (approx)so far and also supplied to Indian Navy in the past.

Shri Firhad Hakim said, "We will put all efforts to revive and revitalize the Shipyard. For the same, a small dry dock may be built up. There is also a possibility of having AC boats that will ply in HooglyRiver which would be made at Shalimar Shipyard. "

Shri Hakim further stated that to revamp the Shalimar Shipyard, a young IAS officer has been appointed as a Chairman. The new Chairman namely SriRajanvir Singh Kapur, IAS, who is the Managing Director of West Bengal Transport Corporation.

The Hon’bleMinister expressed hope that with all concerted efforts, Shalimar will revive its lost glory. It is a historic organization with heritage value and has been doing good work since long. He said that maintenance and repairs of vessels of Transport Department would be done through Shalimar only. It is notable that a World Bank project on Inland Waterways is also being implemented that will also boost-up ShalimarShipyard with maintenance and repairs.

The Minister had meeting with  officials like Sri Rajesh Kumar Sinha, IAS, Transport Secretary, Sri Rajanvir Singh Kapur, IAS, Managing Director, West Bengal Transport Corporation and Chairman, Shalimar Shipyard and other officials.

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